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No matter what season of life you are we want you to feel welcomed here at Calvary Baptist.

Youth Group 

This group meets regularly to read scripture, discuss current events, enjoy the game room, share experiences and pray. 

College Group

Many students from surrounding colleges have made Calvary Baptist their church, while away found home. We encourage and support our local college students and want them to know; 'you are welcome here!'

Seniors Group 

This support group meets once a month and loves 'going down memory lane'. They discuss current events and share past stories - some dating back to the great depression. Desserts are their favorite "healthy" food choice.

Join us as we gather to fellowship with one another


Coffee Hour – once a month after Sunday service

Christmas dinner – December  

Easter Egg Hunt – Easter

Church workdays (dates for 2023 to be announced)

Summer Concert Series on the front lawn (dates for 2023 to be announced)

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