Our Identity

At Calvary Baptist Church, we are a community of God’s people who are united in love for God and gather to worship and glorify God in the welcoming tradition of our American Baptist faith by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit through discipleship, Christian education, and community outreach. 

Calvary Baptist Church is a part of ABCOTS  (American Baptist Church of the South)

The Origins and Development of Baptist Thought and Practice

What Attendees Say

Nancy Edwards

"Being a member of Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) has meant a lot to me. The first time that I met Pastor Sean and Pastor Sarah was when they held my mother's funeral service. I knew that night that I wanted to become a member of CBC and joined on April 27, 2015. I'm very happy to call Calvary Baptist Church my home church!" 7/17/17

Doris Hoyer

"When I first came to Baltimore I would ride the streetcar to Govans and attend a small Christian Church. In 1956 when my sister and I lived on Washington Avenue "Higgi" (Rev. Leland Higginbotham) came to visit us and invited us to Calvary. We enjoyed his message and I have been attending Calvary ever since."


Rudraksha Jhaveri

"Calvary Baptist Church is the church family that is mentioned in the Bible where each one feels like a part of the body of Christ and where everyone is loved. The pastors especially preach only from the word of God and that's something that is very important for me. 

After searching for almost 3-4 years and visiting a few churches I had almost given up on finding a church which put Christ and His word first. One Saturday night as I resumed my search I put in baptist churches in Towson and I found Calvary and I visited the church the next day and knew right then that I wanted to be a part of this church as I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit here."


Roger, Pilar and Catalina Zimmer

,"Everyone has a story, but GOD has a Mission - When we moved in the area we decided to do Church Visits to see what Churches are in the area, so we prayed for guidance and we came to Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary’s congregation and Pastor Sarah and Sean are just amazing - you feel God’s Love just pouring through their words and in their Love of our Lord.

The Church is made up of just all types of God’s People from China, Africa, South America, and just all over the world, which we feel God led them there, as God led me and my wife and daughter. 

We not only made Calvary our Home Church; my wife and I were married in Calvary and everyone came together to make it a Day. God Blessed us with so much Love and Blessings we know it's God’s hands orchestrating all that is happening at this beautiful loving Church called Calvary Baptist Church.  Like with us Pray, open your hearts and come visit. Our prayer is you will stay. We did, come to God's working church!"


Susan Edwards

"Long ago, about 31 years ago to be exact, attending coffee hour and being welcomed very graciously with so much kindness and enthusiasm sold me on Calvary. I had found Calvary by accident that morning or so I thought. I had driven around and around Towson looking for a Baptist church on Pennsylvania Avenue. I didn't realize that the address I had from the yellow pages in the phone book was actually for a Baptist church on Pennsylvania Ave. in west Baltimore in the city, not the county… so, none of the numbers matched. It was getting closer and closer to 11:00 but, I finally came upon a nice looking stone church, rushed in and was only a few minutes late. The worship service was wonderful and the people I meant afterwards truly had something special. I'll never forget that day nor those people …. many are still at Calvary !!!"


Terry and Cheryl Dunkin

"Calvary is home to us. Terry was raised in this special place and brought me here when we started dating in 1966. Our children were raised with Pastor and Judy Weimert's, Judy and I were very close. The reason for our continuous worship is, as it always has been, the special, warm, people and a message from the pulpit every Sunday that is not only meaningful, but useful in sharing with others throughout the week. When you leave on Sunday, you feel enlightened and renewed and ready to spread the word. It's a wonderful place."


Karen Neilson Weber

"I have been a member of Calvary for 52 years. I joined as a teenager with my family when we moved from Iowa to Towson. My parents visited many Towson churches before choosing Calvary because of the friendly atmosphere and good sermons. My “Church family” at Calvary means the world to me. I have retired and now live in Florida, but once or twice when visiting my son I am delighted to visit all of my dear friends who still attend Calvary after all these years. Now that Rev. Weimert has retired he will be sorely missed by the Congregation, but Dr. Sean and Sarah Lee are a welcome replacement and they will bring the same warmth, love, generosity, good programs and good messages on Sunday mornings. I will continue to come back to Calvary every chance I get."


Heather Mager

"When we discovered Calvary 4 years ago, we instantly felt at home. My husband and I were searching for a church that we could share together, since we came from different backgrounds. We visited several other churches and when we walked in the sanctuary at Calvary, we knew we had found our "together church"! The sense of community and fellowship made us feel truly welcome and we have been faithful members since. The worship at Calvary gives you a sense of purpose and a deeper connection with the love of God. We both feel at home at Calvary."


Kathy Wright

"I joined Calvary Baptist when I was ten years old with my mom, dad, and brother. It has been my church ever since. Even though many of the faces have changed over time, including two pastors, Calvary Baptist just feels like home. The members are like my family, who support me through life's many ups and downs. It's a joy to worship there!"


We pray the Lord's Prayer using these words:

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

And forgive us our sins as we forgive others.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil,

For Thine is the kingdom,

and the power,

and the glory, forever.


Important Dates for New and Existing Church Members

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Newer Members Spiritual Life  

  • Baby Dedications

    " Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you love the Lord your God"  Deuteronomy 30:19b


    • Dominic LaRoche - October 30


    • Johanna TangXie - March 7


    • Audrey Grace Armstrong - February 2


    • Isabella Mae Dunkin - May 12


    • Landon Jacob Armstrong - October 8
    • Jonathan TangXie - April 9


    • Ruby Grey Barber – September 19

    2015 – Father's Day  

    • Leona Mager – June 14
    • Jacob Makowski – June 14
    • Chehwe Francis McCracken – June 14
    • Fenou Larry McCracken – June 14
  • New Members

     "And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved".    Acts 2:47


    • Alain and Aida Somlare - October 9
    • Stanley and Woodlyne LaRaRoche - October 30
    • Michele D. King - November 20
    • Monica Wallacee - November 20
    • Dan Akaolisa - December 4


    • Marsha McHoney - July 4


    • Tyrone Walker - November 3
    • Joyce and Ginny Keedy - May 26
    • Tamar Hale - May 15
    • Harley Holmes - May 15
    • Adam Sampson - April 28


    • Rachel Miller - December 2
    • Brenda Rann - October 2
    • Diana & Craig Mathaney - May 16


    • Rudraksha Jhaveri – August 21
    • Casey Scagnelli  –  July 10
    • Pilar Bernal and Roger Zimmer –  January 3


    • Rahzel Eifert/Kuhn – November 15
    • Tom Proveaux – October 11
    • Nancy Medinger – September 27
    • Esther Ford – August 30  (passed 8/13/2016)
    • Justin Proveauz – August 29
    • Seth Burdine – June 28
    • David Glenn – May 31
    • John (Merv) and Orfelina Bridges May 24
    • Eneida Post – May 24 (moved to NY)
    • Nancy Edwards – April 26


    • Jane Baumer – February 23
    • Becca Edwards  – February 23
    • Donna O'Laughlin – January 12
  • Baptisms

      " One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism" Ephesians 4:5


    November 17

    • Tyrone Walker

    June 6

    • Harley Holmes

    January 13

    • Rachel Miller


    January 14

    • Naomi Akaolisa


    September 18

    • Rudraksha Jhaveri

    July 31

    • Cheryl Dunkin
    • David (Casey) Scagnelli


    October 11

    • Justin Proveaux

    June 28

    • Seth Burdine


    June 15

    • Becca Edwards
    • Heather Mager
    • Rodney Reed