Reverend William Hough

(pronounced "Huff")

Effective July 1, 2021

The congregation at Calvary Baptist Church, Towson would like to welcome our new pastor Rev. Will Hough, his wife Annette Hough and their daughter Ruth (Ruthie).

We are excited about where the Holy Spirit will be leading Calvary Baptist through the leadership and spiritual tutelage of Rev Hough. 

We want to once again thank everyone for their prayers and support as we embark on the next season in the continuing life of our church. We not only look forward to once again gathering as a church family on Sunday mornings but also continuing in our programs and outreach as we look to reestablish ourselves as a beacon of light in the community of Towson.  

Please join us as we gather together in worship on July 4th, either in the sanctuary or virtually.

Pastor Will and his family

Left to right: Daughter Ruth (Ruthie), Pastor Will, and his wife, Annette