Special Music

  • "O'er the Forge"  Motley Choir

    (August 6, 2017) 127th Anniversary Sunday

    Since the earliest days, when above the smith's shop, Calvary Baptist Church was formed, so much has changed, yet so much is the same, in this wounded weary world. Our everyday lives differ so from those founding believers, still we gather o'er the forge to worship the Lord.

    Through the centuries the Spirit has moved many souls into our family, and called us to live and act in ways that reflect God's glory in missions and fellowship with others who we may meet, so we'll gather o'er the forge to worship the Lord.

    In the coming days, though the outside world may challenge our faith with

    temptations that lead us off the path of God's way, we'll seek to be cleansed and atone for a life of sin, and we'll gather o'ver the forge to worship the Lord.

    "In the early stages of planning for the anniversary celebration, I was asked to write a song for the youth choir to perform. I knew that I wanted to write something to commemorate the occasion, but I was glad the committee made the suggestion, or I may never made a decision!

    I began where the church began, above the blacksmith shop, and from the name 'O'er the Forge.' I wanted the lyrics to relate our time to these beginnings and to future generations' who come to Calvary, uniting us in our purpose: 'gather o'er the forge to worship the Lord.' Pastor Sean later made the observation that, in a way, God is the blacksmith, and he molds us over the forge as a smith with iron ore. I like that interpretation too!"

    Drew Wright (2015)

  • "Long Black Train" Offertory

    by Daniel Longest guitar and vocal

    (July 16. 2017)

    Long Black Train

    There's a long black train
    Coming down the line
    Feeding off the souls that are lost and crying
    Tails of sin only evil remains
    Watch out brother for that long Black Train

    Look to the heavens
    You can look to the skies
    You can find redemption
    Staring back into your eyes
    There is protection and there is
    Peace the same burn in your ticket for that
    Long Black Train

    'cause there's victory in the lord I say
    Victory in the lord
    Cling to the father and his holy name
    And don't go riding on that long Black Train

    There's an engineer on that long black train
    Making you wonder if your ride is worth the pain
    He's just a waitin on your heart to say
    Let me ride on that long black train

    but you know there's victory in The Lord I say
    Victory in The Lord
    Cling to the father and His holy name
    And don't go riding on that long Black Train

    Well I can hear the whistle from a mile away
    It sounds so good
    But I must stay away
    That train is a beauty making everybody stare
    But its only destination is the middle of nowhere

    But you know there's victory in The Lord I say
    Victory in The Lord
    Cling to the father and His holy name
    And don't go riding on that long Black Train

    I said cling to the father and His holy name and don't go ridin on that black train
    Yes watch out brother for that long black train
    The devil's a ridin' that long black train.

    Songwriters: Josh Turner

    Long Black Train lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Ole Media Management Lp

  • "Never Left in Vain"  Offertory

    by Justin Proveaux

    (July 9, 2017)

    Never Left in Vain

    (Theme: God, military) 

    Written February 2016 by Justin Proveaux

    1'st Verse So many men and women, defending for those who can't like me. No nation's an exception where freedom comes for free. Even for those who did survive, the sacrifice was great. The good Lord design's what falls through as fate. 


    Take what you can in need. Nothing you've done in shame. Even when things will never be the same. 


    There is nothing that can amount to the lives of whom give up everything to defend the land of the red, white and blue. Please let me use this song to glorify what is true. Protecting those like me, in the air and in the sea. To a soldier striving through pain, is a life never left in vain. 

    2'nd Verse

    Even in places that seem hopeless, 

    taking days as they go by, 

    the Holy Spirit guides you, with a subtle shimmering light. 

    3'rd Verse

    I wish I was more like a hero, but I'm just not. I'm just here doing what I can. Living my life as I am. I know that this world is so much bigger than myself and the problems that I face don't compare to everything else.

  • "Fill Me" Choir Anthem by Joyce Keedy

    (April 30, 2017)

    Fill Me

    by Joyce Keedy

    Jesus, fill me with Your fire,

    Set my spirit leaping,

    You my joy, my heart’s desire,

    Safe within Your keeping,

    You, my shelterfor the storm,

    You my sweet song in the night,

    Till I die within Your arms

    And behold Your glory bright.

    Jesus, fill me with Your joy,

    Blessed by Your great favor,

    In You, Jesus, I rejoice,

    Rest in you forever,

    Lord, you are my strength, my song.

    And Your wondrous grace abounds,

    My salvation You’ve become,

    All I want in You I’ve found.

    Jesus, fill me with Your peace,

    Lost in awe and wonder,

    May my love for You increase,

    No more would I wander,

    Take my heart, O Lord, I pray,

    Make it fit for Heav’n above,

    Close beside You, let me stay,

    Drown me in Your endless love.

    © April 2017

  • "Finish Line" Choir Anthem by Joyce Keedy

    (November 6, 2016)

    Finish Line

    Finish well the race, beloved, soon great joy you will attain,
    You could never dream what I’ve prepared for those who love
    My Name.
    Though the way seems long and weary, I delight to cheer you on, Every step you run just brings you closer to your glorious home.

    REFRAIN: Run with joy, run with our delight, Though the night be dark and the way seems long,
    See, the finish line comes into sight, Where I wait to bid you welcome home.
    O don’t give up till you arrive, You will soon be free from all that harms,

    For I’ll meet you at the finish line. Where you’ll run with joy into my arms!

    Though you stumble, though you falter, I enfold you with My grace, I am watching You, My child, and cheering for you all the way.
    I await your soon approach, you’re almost to the finish line,
    O such joy to have you with Me, I rejoice that you are Mine!


    Soon the time is drawing near when I will bid the sleeping rise. In an instant you’ll be charged and all will meet Me in the skies! Where you’ll dance within My glory, in My joy your spirit soar, There beyond the finish line, to dwell with Me forevermore!


    Joyce Keedy, © October 2016

  • "Most Holy Lord" Prelude by Joyce Keedy

    (October 9, 2016)

    Most Holy Lord by Joyce Keedy

    Angels massed around the throne, come sing His joyous wondrous strain,

    Worthy is the Lamb alone, sound forth His glorious praise again!

    Greater yet the song I sing, the raptures of a ransomed soul,

    For my Savior, Lord and King has spilled His blood to make me whole!

    REFRAIN: Hallelujah! I belong to Jesus Christ forevermore, 

    And this my everlasting song to worship my most holy Lord,

    Burning seraphim so bright fall down with joy His praise to sing,

    Cherubic filled with delight rejoice to praise their heavenly King,

    Lo, the universe resounds with praises to its holy God,

    And my heart with joy abounds, for He’s redeemed me by His blood!


    See, His overarching grace has bathed my soul in floods of light,

    Come, my spirit, make your praise to worship Him, Lord Jesus Christ!

    Ah, the suffering He bore, the price to pay, the victory won,

    Now in His garments I’m adorned, my stain is cleansed, my chains are gone!


    Now the time is drawing near, my Lord’s return is at the door,

    first the sleeping ones will hear, and rise! With Him forevermore!

    Then the ones who still remain will her cadence of His voice,

    In a twinkling, swept away! Forevermore with Him rejoice!


    From Awesome Holy Night  © 2015 by Joyce Keedy